Why Does Your Pet Need Updated Vaccines Before Boarding?

When you leave your pet at a boarding facility, they will be in close quarters with animals from other homes. This raises their risk of spreading and contracting health problems, which is why having up-to-date vaccinations is vital. In this article, we’ll go over which vaccinations your pet dogs and cats need, as well as the reasons they’re required for pet boarding and in general.

Here are some of them:

Provides Protection From Highly Contagious Diseases

Vaccinations protect your pet against harmful diseases, including kennel cough, distemper, and rabies. Several of these conditions can even be fatal. When pets are kept in close quarters with each other as they remain in boarding facilities, the risk of disease transmission is significantly raised.

Remember, providing vaccination for cats and dogs can enhance their immunity, lowering the likelihood of becoming ill with or passing on transmittable diseases.

Boarding Facilities Have Vaccination Requirements

The vast majority of kennels and some other boarding facilities for pets have strict vaccination requirements that all pets must meet right before they are permitted to stay there. Vaccinations serve to stop the spread of diseases, protect the workers, and make sure compliance with lawful requirements, all of which contribute to the welfare of all pets. Boarding centers can contribute to the prevention of disease outbreaks and maintain the overall health of all animals in their care by requiring vaccinations.

Practical and Cost-Effective

Getting vaccinated is one of the most effective and practical ways to protect your cat or dog against health problems that could be fatal. The expense of having your pet vaccinated in veterinary facilities like Southwind Animal Hospital is much more affordable when compared to the cost of treating a severe illness or disease. Vaccinations are an investment in your pet’s health and have the potential to save you a significant amount of money in the future.

Mandated by Law

Vaccinations against diseases like rabies are required by legislation in many states. Complying with these laws requires boarding centers to ensure that all animals in their custody are up-to-date on vaccinations. By making sure your pet’s shots are updated prior to boarding, you abide by lawful requirements and protect your companion from potentially deadly diseases.

Peace of Mind

Your mind will certainly be put at ease if you are aware that your pet companion has been vaccinated before their stay in a boarding facility. When you know that your pet is safe and shielded from transmittable diseases that could endanger them, it helps in reducing the amount of stress you may experience. Vaccinations provide peace of mind for you and your buddy by minimizing the danger of any illness and ensuring you both stay healthy.

What Vaccinations Do Pets Need for Boarding?

The required vaccinations may vary depending on the pet boarding facility, but some of the most specific vaccines include:

  • Rabies vaccine
  • Canine distemper vaccine
  • Feline distemper vaccine
  • Bordetella vaccine (for kennel cough)

So, before bringing your beloved pet in for boarding, ensure to verify with your compassionate dog kennels in Memphis, TN, to see what particular vaccines they need for your pet to be accepted.

Final Thoughts

Vaccinations are a must for boarding your pet. It provides protection from highly infectious diseases, stops disease outbreaks, complies with legal requirements, saves money in the long run, and gives you peace of mind. Before boarding, ensure your pet has all of their vaccinations updated to protect their health and well-being while they are away from home.

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