An Overview of Different Windshield Cracks

In your day-to-day drive, your windshield will run into numerous concerns. The windscreen serves as your frontline warrior, protecting you from dirt, rocks, insects, and other road debris. As a result, they’ve become more vulnerable to damage. While some windshield damage can be fixed, others are severe enough to necessitate a windshield replacement. In this article, we’ll talk about the various forms of cracks that can happen in a windshield.

Forms of Windshield Damage

Windshield cracks are a problem that most car owners will face at some time throughout their driving experiences. When a windscreen is damaged, drivers frequently wonder if they need to get it repaired or replaced. Learning about the many forms of windshield cracks will assist you in making an informed judgment while caring for your vehicle. 

Windshield damage can take many forms and be caused by numerous variables. Here are some of the most frequent reasons and types of windshield cracks you may encounter on the road.

Stress Cracks

Stress cracks are usually caused by sudden and extreme temperature fluctuations that take place without using external force or pressure, such as loose rocks or things striking the glass. Your vehicle’s windscreen expands in hot weather and shrinks in cold weather. If this occurs too quickly, the glass will be unable to keep up and build a stress crack. 

It may be tough to fix a stress crack that begins near the edge of the windshield. The chances get considerably low as the damage widens. So don’t waste time and contact a windshield repair expert immediately by visiting their OTB home page website.


A bull’s eye crack is almost like a chip but runs more profound into the outer layer of the glass. The crack is circular in shape, hence the name “bull’s eye.” It is similar to a rounded chip with a cone in the glass’s outer layer. Bullseyes occur when pebbles or debris collide with the windshield at rapid speeds and with great force. 

Depending on the severity of the crack, bullseyes are typically repairable and can be promptly mended by a knowledgeable technician. If you are looking for a damaged car window repair service for your vehicle, you can talk to a professional auto glass expert for assistance.


Chips are the most prevalent type of auto glass damage observed by professionals. A windshield chip is a small piece of glass that has separated from the shield. This is usually caused by rocks or other material striking the glass. Professional glass technicians can often fill chips if they do not have more significant cracks spreading from them and do not entirely penetrate the glass.

Combination Break

As the name suggests, combination breaks happen when several forms of cracks like bullseye, star, and chip can be observed at a single impact point. It frequently causes considerable windshield damage, causing glass fragments to fall off. Combination cracks are typically severe so windshield replacement is the only viable option to repair this sort of damage. If you have combination break damage to your vehicle’s windshield, you can ask the auto glass technician if you could get a warranty on windshield replacement after fixing it.


Whatever form of damage your windshield has acquired, it is critical that you seek the services of an auto glass repair as early as possible. They will provide you with the best solution for your issue and ensure that your windshield is repaired or replaced, allowing you to drive safely again.

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