Five Things That Can Reduce Your Pet’s Lifespan Without You Knowing

Pet owners want their furry companions to live long lives, so they strive to provide them with the best quality foods and shower them each day with love. However, raising happy and healthy pets follows excellent hurdles. In addition, most pet parents are not that informed about caring for their fur friends. As we proceed, we will discuss the typical mistakes of most pet owners that result in their pets dying earlier.

What Shortens Your Pet’s Life?

While all pet parents wish the best for their furry companions, some options they believe are safe and healthy can minimize their pet’s years of existence. Here are five bad habits that can shorten your pet’s life without you recognizing them.

1. Skipping annual checkups

While regularly taking your pets to professionals specializing in vet services in Long Beach for their yearly or routine checkups is annoying, it could help lengthen their lives. Getting your dog inspected at least one or two times a year can conserve their life. However, even healthy and lively canines still need to see a vet, as you never know if something inside them is brewing.

While there isn’t much you can do when signs of certain conditions appear on your pet, immediate treatments can help boost their quantity and quality of life. However, this is only possible with annual or routine checkups, as vet prescription medicines are the only ones suggested for pets.

2. Neglecting their dental health

Periodontitis or gum disease in dogs can impact their health and even lead to many health issues. The accumulation of germs in their mouth can damage their teeth health and cause kidney and heart problems when overlooked. Caring for your canine’s dental health is an easy task that can save their teeth and maintain their eating habits.

Bringing your pet to a vet dentist for their routine teeth cleaning, buying them safe chew toys that can help remove tooth plaque, and daily brushing their teeth can help maintain their dental and whole health. If you’re looking for an animal professional to regularly check your pet’s teeth, you may search the web for “vet dentist near me” for specific results.

3. Not avoiding parasites

Ticks, fleas, lice, and internal parasites are common pests that infest most pet dogs and cats. Ignoring these pesky critters can cause health conditions to your pets and even put their life at risk. Sadly, these pests are quite resilient, and sometimes the most available herbal or treatment products can’t eliminate them all at once. So ask your vet about the necessary routine cat & dog vaccinations and effective deworming products against parasites to ensure your pet’s safety.

4. Feeding them unhealthy table scraps

Many foods are healthy for people but not for pets. There are foods you must not give to your pets, especially if it is table scrap and not their normal canine food diet. Human foods that are high in fats and sugar are dangerous to them. Foods like chocolate, onion, garlic, and grapes must never be fed to dogs as these are hazardous even when taken in small amounts.

5. Avoiding sterilization

Not spaying or neutering your beloved pet can endanger their health. According to investigations, sterilizing your pet despite gender can help avoid particular reproductive cancer types and behavioral issues. Furthermore, sterilizing your pet includes many benefits and health advantages you might not even know yet. Taking your furry companion to vet surgeons to get the surgery done is worth the time and money if you understand its benefits and significance to your pet’s life.

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