Five Reasons Why Dental Care for Dogs Is Very Important

While individuals know how important annual dental checkups and cleanings are to preserve their dental health, not all pet parents know how this same annual practice is extremely necessary for their furry companions. Did you know that 70 percent of felines and 80 percent of canines who do not receive essential oral care mostly experience gum disease by the time they’re three years old?

As we proceed, we’ll discuss the importance of proper dental care for your dogs and why it’s a must.

The Importance of Dog Dental Care

Among the most ignored elements of a pet’s well-being is dental health. Dental diseases in dogs are quite common and might lead to major effects, and this is why good dental care is needed to maintain. Here are five reasons why proper pet dental care should be observed by pet parents.

1. Prevents other health issues

Studies show that gum disease and numerous dental problems can cause more unexpected health problems that can cause damage to the organs, particularly in the kidneys, heart, and liver. Canines are experts in hiding pain, and since pet owners know that, they regularly bring their dogs to vets for the needed veterinary care to extend their lives.

Always be sensitive about your pet’s unusual behaviors. When you notice them avoiding food, acting weird, or having difficulty chewing, it might indicate bad tooth pain or something more serious. Therefore, it is always important to bring them to a vet Boynton Beach to see what’s troubling them and offer immediate care as early as possible.

2. Avoids gum disease

Overlooked tartar or plaque on your canine’s teeth can cause gum inflammation and infection. It starts with the gums retracting from the teeth, leading to gingivitis which can cause tooth loss in pets. Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum illness. However, when overlooked, a severe type of gum disease may develop.

Dogs that are taken care of with excellent dental care are less prone to experience periodontal disease, improving their lifestyle. Additionally, canines with maintained oral health are more enthusiastic and happier when left playing outside with their fellows or in boarding facilities where they are immersed and occupied.

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3. Saves your money in the future

Catching those dental problems while it’s early will help prevent bigger problems. For example, bringing your beloved pets to facilities like Coral Breeze Animal Hospital to have their teeth inspected can prevent tartar or plaque buildup, leading to infections and dental issues if not addressed. Doing this can help preserve your pet’s teeth and save you a lot of cash.

4. Fends off bad breath

If you’ve smelled a nasty whiff from your pet’s breath after kissing or hugging them, that’s a sign of bacteria accumulation because of your canine’s poor oral hygiene you might have neglected for some time. Daily brushing your pet’s teeth helps prevent this smell from developing. Additionally, routinely cleaning their teeth can keep their teeth protected from the food particles that cling to their teeth and gums, which causes plaque accumulation.

5. Preserves your dog’s teeth

Eventually, your canine’s teeth could be infected or damaged if not preserved and disregarded. Severe damage can loosen their teeth, even causing them to fall out. Prioritizing your dog’s dental care helps strengthen and protect those teeth-supporting structures to prevent tooth loss. Furthermore, this also keeps your dog’s teeth in position, making their eating routines healthy.

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