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Water Privatization and Pension Fund Investments, By Paul Hutcheson

“The BCTF is urging members to oppose the sale of bottled water in schools as a way of taking a personal stand against water privatization.”  

 From: Keeping school drinking water flowing and combating the privatizationof water, Social Justice Newsletter, Summer 2008, page 9 (emphasis added)

At the 2008 BCTF AGM, the following motions were passed:

“That the Federation oppose the sale of bottled water in schools, and promote policies that ensure free safe drinking water access for every school.” and

“That the BCTF endorse the concept that water resources by kept public and free.”

The Teachers’ Pension Plan through bcIMC has investments in the following corporations—each is involved in the privatization of water to some degree:

Name of corporation

in millions of dollars


Coca-Cola Company


Dasani / plastic waste an issue;obtains municipal water at bargain prices, resells at enormous profit

PepsiCo Incorporated


Aquafina/ plastic waste an issue

Suez SA

$  62.8

Operates in developing countries

Veolia Environment

$  16.3

Thames Water

No figure given, private placement investment


$  36.5

Severn Trent PLC

$    2.8

Kurita Water Industries Ltd

$      .8

Waters Corp

$  13.9

Allied Waste Industries and

Waste Management Inc

(appears likely to become

one company

$  17.5

Is interested in operating both sewage treatment and water supply systems—simultaneously

Nestle Inc



I’ve just finished reading Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water by Maude Barlow and highly recommend it.  Additionally, there are any number of books on the shelves of your local public library that will provide additional information on the scope of water privatization.

Photo by Hannah Gilgoff