British Columbia Teachers for Peace and Global Education
A Provincial Specialist Association of the BC Teachers' Federation


Gandhi Peace Award

B.C. Peace And Global Educators (P.A.G.E), a professional association within The B.C.T.F.,  requests nominations for the annual Gandhi Peace Award, to be presented to youth who are in Grades 10, 11, or 12. Nominations may be submitted anytime; however, only those sent by September 15th will be considered for the current year's award. The recipient (s) will be announced on the anniversary of the birth of M.K Gandhi, October 2nd, and the award will be presented on the third Friday of October, at the annual P.AG.E. Conference.

The nominee should be someone who sincerely models a life of non-violence, compassion, seva (service to community and life), simplicity, humility, and shows an understanding of the big picture (politically, socially, philosophically, and spiritually). It is not necessary that the nominee demonstrate all of these to the same extent; however, it is desired that the nominee be sincerely aspiring to live up to these ideals. 

The information submitted in the nomination form will be used to promote the award and the P.A.G.E.  Association in the future.  By signing the nomination form it is understood that the signatories give permission to use the information submitted to promote the awards and P.A.G.E. in the future. 

Thank you for recognizing the nominee's special gifts, and for helping us to first honour our young for doing the right things now, rather than later punish them for doing the wrong things.

The form below can be downloaded from this webpage simply by clicking on it.


For more information please see the PAGE journal, The Global Educator, Summer 2009, Page 8. All past issues of our journal, The Global Educator, are available for download from our our archives