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Responsible Investing = Profitable Investing, By Patrik Parkes

Fiduciary responsibility – that is, the responsibility to conserve or preferably grow clients’ money – has been cited as a concern by skeptics of ethical investing.  There is, however, evidence that fiduciary responsibility is in fact better served by ethical investing.  Speaking to The Georgia Straight (“Is B.C. Financing Genocide?”, December 4-11, 2008), Peter Chapman, executive director of the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE), explained that unethical practices can have a negative impact on an investment’s risk and rate of return.  This seems to be born out by Triodos, a social bank with a mandate to “make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change”.  According to an article in The Guardian Weekly, (“Alternative Model Thrives”, December 8, 2008) Triodos has been unaffected by the recent financial crisis, and is in a position to step up investments.  How the crisis has been weathered by BCIMC, in which B.C. teachers invest their pensions, will not be known until the end of March, when the annual statement is released.

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