British Columbia Teachers for Peace and Global Education
A Provincial Specialist Association of the BC Teachers' Federation


Question 1: What is PAGE BC?

Answer: We are the British Columbia Peace and Global Educators Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) within the BCTF. We are open to both public and private school teachers, student teachers, retired teachers and associate members and organizations.
Our focus is on global education K-12, and helping teachers to further develop their global education skills.

Question 2: What is global education?

Answer: It is NOT 
- a new disciple, 
- a separate subject,  
- a study of international affairs 
- a movement, a methodology, a pedagogical philosophy
- a focus on infusing the connected issues of peace,  human rights, appropriate development,  and environment into existing curricula with the goal of raising responsible global citizens

Question 3: What do you do?
Answer: Support peace and global education in the classroom in a number of ways:
  1. form a network of like-minded progressive educators
  2. offer opportunities for professional development
  3. create opportunities for educational leadership
  4. host an annual conference, other seminars, forums, films, rallies ….
  5. provide an active voice for social responsibility within the BCTF 
  6. produce a substantive journals, website, e-group & opportunities to publish work
  7. mentor new teachers, 
  8. recognize Gr10-12 students with Gandhi Youth Award
  9. host social events for social activists
  10. submit resolutions to BCTF of social justice nature
  11. support other groups and projects (Olinda, Peace Forum, War Toys to Peace Art,…)
Did you know that many presenters of BCTF social justice workshops are PAGE members.

Question 4: Why should I join?
Answer: See #1-11 above.   As a member of PAGE BC you can easily become connected to a network of like-minded progressive educators and you are welcomed and encouraged to be involved with our organization. We are always open to written contributions from our members for our website and our journal. We welcome involvement with our executive and in our conference committees. By getting involved you'll get connected and have fun.  For an added benefit, ask for a copy of a past journal when you join during a Conference or an event where the PAGE BC table is displayed.

Question 5: How much to join?
Answer: Students, TOC, Retired teachers $10.00
      Active BCTF members $25.00
      Associate Members  $45.00

Question 6: How do I join?
Answer: You can join online right here, right now.  Your membership is valuable for our organization as it directly supports the work that is done to get resources like  THE GLOBAL EDUCATOR
our prestigious journal into the hands of teachers who want to make a difference.

Question 7: How can I learn more?

Answer: Please feel free to contact any member of our executive if you have more questions. We're a friendly, welcoming group and we'd love to tell you more about belonging to our PSA. You can also simply email to Thank you for your interest!